Thinking about leaving the classroom?

by Misty Weatherford
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Thinking about leaving the classroom?

Since COVID and the scramble to follow health procedures and still maintain order in our online classrooms teachers are leaving. A once passion filled career is leaving teachers exhausted. Whether you’re in education or not, below are just some of the reasons that make teachers pursue other passions.

Teaching is undeniably exhausting due to a myriad of reasons:

1. Emotional Energy: Educators invest significant emotional energy in their students. They become not only instructors but also mentors, counselors, and sometimes parental figures. Dealing with a classroom full of diverse personalities, emotions, and needs can be draining.

2. Workload: Teachers have extensive workloads that extend beyond classroom hours. They prepare lesson plans, grade assignments, create assessments, attend meetings, and often participate in extracurricular activities or professional development sessions. Balancing these tasks demands considerable time and effort.

3. High Expectations: Society often places high expectations on teachers to deliver quality education, meet academic standards, and ensure students’ success. This pressure adds to the stress and can be mentally taxing.

4. Adaptability: Teachers must adapt to different learning styles, abilities, and behavioral challenges among their students. Customizing lessons to suit various needs while maintaining an inclusive environment requires constant adjustments, which can be mentally and emotionally exhausting.

5. Limited Resources: Many educators face challenges due to limited resources, whether it’s insufficient classroom materials, overcrowded classrooms, or inadequate support staff. Working under such conditions can be frustrating and draining.

6. Work-Life Balance: Achieving a work-life balance can be challenging for teachers. Grading papers, preparing lessons, and handling administrative tasks often spill into personal time, leaving little opportunity for relaxation and self-care. My suggestions for a work life balance. 

7. Constant Changes in Education: Education systems often undergo reforms, introducing new teaching methods, technologies, or curricula. Teachers must adapt and incorporate these changes into their teaching, which requires additional effort and time.

The demanding nature of teaching can lead to physical and mental exhaustion. Despite these challenges, many teachers are incredibly passionate about their profession, driven by the rewarding moments of seeing their students grow and succeed. However, sometimes our love for our students is not enough.

Thinking about leaving the classroom? Are you wondering how your skills transfer to jobs outside of teaching in the classroom?

???? Calling All Educators! ???? Explore Exciting Opportunities Beyond the Classroom! ????

Are you a passionate educator seeking new horizons? Discover diverse career paths that leverage your teaching skills and expertise! Here are five fantastic job avenues awaiting you:

1. Curriculum Developer: Use your knack for creating engaging lessons! Join teams crafting educational materials, textbooks, or online courses. Your insights can shape learning experiences worldwide!

Check out these FAQ’s about creating your own store. (Click here)

2. Corporate Trainer: Share your teaching prowess in the business world! Train employees, design workshops, and foster professional growth within companies eager for your instructional talents. Did you know you can make more than double your current salary doing this?

3. Educational Consultant: Become a trusted advisor! Guide schools, institutions, or ed-tech companies on curriculum enhancements, educational strategies, and student engagement techniques. This is the one that interests me the most!

4. Content Creator/Writer: Transform knowledge into captivating content! Write educational blogs, eBooks, or videos, educating and inspiring audiences thirsty for valuable insights.

5. Non-Profit Program Coordinator: Make a difference beyond the classroom! Organize educational programs, mentorship initiatives, or community projects, touching lives and shaping futures.

???? Your teaching skills are versatile and in high demand beyond traditional classrooms! Embrace these enriching opportunities and continue making an impact in innovative ways! Explore, evolve, and excel in your career journey today! ????✨

Unlock a world of possibilities—your teaching expertise knows no bounds! ???? Join the movement outside the classroom and turn your passion into a fulfilling career adventure! #TeachingBeyondBorders #CareerVersatility

P.S. Hopefully this gives you a little hope in what comes next for you! You CAN do whatever you put your mind to, please do not feel backed into a corner.

You are more than the four walls that you have dedicated your life to!

Loves and Hugs,


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