How to Honor the Trailblazers of Black History

by Misty Weatherford
black young people in a group

Are you looking to honor the trailblazers of Black History? Black History Month is an annual celebration of the achievements and contributions of African Americans throughout history. This topic, especially in this century has sparked a ton of conversation, and confusion on why we are taking this history out of our classrooms. I personally do not in any way believe that this is a conversation that should stop. I respect my students opinions on these matters, and they have brought up some outstanding responses on why this should still be a conversation in the classroom. 


On that note, I wanted to give you a few options on how to honor Black History month in your classroom:

  1. Start by discussing the history and purpose of Black History Month. This will give your students a context for the lessons that follow.

Honor the contributions

2. Introduce your students to important figures in black history. You can do this through readings, videos, or other multimedia resources.

Here are some outstanding resources from the Library of Congress

3. Encourage students to research and present on a specific person or event in black history. This can be a great way for students to learn about the contributions of African Americans and to develop their research and presentation skills.

Key people Presentation

4. Host a guest speaker or field trip related to black history. This could be a local historian, artist, or community leader who can provide a unique perspective on the topic. You can also do a virtual field trip! 

If you can’t host a guest speaker due to the logistics, you could zoom with them or find a video online! I love hearing from Holocaust survivors from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

5. Encourage students to think critically about the issues facing African Americans today, such as racial injustice and inequality. You can use current events or historical events as a starting point for discussions and activities.

Practice Critical Thinking

Overall, the key is to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where all students feel comfortable learning about and celebrating the achievements of African Americans. An important thing to keep in mind are the achievements and beautiful pieces of African American History, not just the bad pieces. 

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I hope this helps as you are planning for MLK day or Black History month!

Happy Teaching my Friends!



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