by Misty Weatherford

Are you teaching Economics this year? Are you so intimidated by this? If you are anything like me, economics in college was my first introduction to the topic. I never had it in high school, and when I got to college, it was daunting.

I had two experiences that shaped my desire to teach this topic well. My first teacher told me, “If you aren’t an economics major, good luck passing this class.” What a way to approach teaching such a fascinating subject. But I learned alot from that class, and a lot of it was “how not to” approach the subject. Especially, knowing that a lot of kids will also find this subject daunting. As a result, I make economics fun, and my kids are thankful they took it with me.

My second experience was with an amazing Micro-econ professor and he ignited my passion for the subject. He was so encouraging and his depth of knowledge was admirable. I love teaching economics in interactive ways, while also of course having opportunities for close reading and building content vocabulary. (This is my lessons niche if you were wondering)

Here are a few lessons that my students love:

Production Possibilities Curve practice Students love extra practice on this topic, which is why I created this mini lesson to add as a quick warm up or exit ticket.

Budgeting: Ah the fun of budgeting. This is where I get to explain the benefits of telling your money where to go, versus your money telling you where to go. In other words, having fun money, while also paying for the essentials.

Do you have questions about any of my lessons or how to teach any upcoming topics? Please send me a message on my socials or here, I would love to help! Have a great day teach! – Misty

P.s. Here is a link to all of my economics curriculum.