Fall Teacher Outfit

by Misty Weatherford
Fall teacher outfit

Are you looking for fall teacher outfits? As a teacher for both middle and high school I need outfits that support my needs as a teacher, but what does that look like? I love outfits that are soft, layer-able, and comfortable. Look below to see the best shoes for teaching!

So let’s break it down:

  • You want shoes that are not only good for teaching, but also shoes comfortable for standing on all day.
  • You want socks that don’t rub, are sturdy, and soft of course.
  • You want underclothes that are soft and supportive. (It sounds like a lot, but the wrong bra and that is pain your back that you just don’t need) Trust me!
  • You want a shirt that is not going to be too hot, but also not too light that you get cold. Or thin enough that you can’t layer if you need to.
  • You pants that hug you, but don’t smother you. That are long enough for your frame, but not so long that they drag and either damage the pants, or just annoy you throughout your day, & pants that flatter your body! Because you deserve to feel great about yourself throughout the day.
  • Speaking of one of the finals musts for your fall teacher outfit? Cardigans. I feel like if you’re a teacher, I could just leave that right there and it would speak for itself. but as a tall teacher, I want sleeves that are not at my wrist, but also not past my knuckles. I want to feel like I am being hugged, because sometimes you are so peopled out, that instead of an actual people hug, you just need a soft cardigan.

“Have I hooked you so far? are you getting it? I know how you feel! I am in my fifth year as a teacher, and while I adore my job, and have such a blast with my kids every day. I need comfy clothes to be the best version of me! It is one last thing you should have to worry about!” 


1. Shoes for Teaching:

As a texture freak, the first thing that I always look at is the material. I need a soft, and not overly thick material, but as a person who has flat feet, I also need something that gives me a good amount of support as well. The best fall teacher outfit includes boots, but you don’t have to get a fancy brand to get all day comfort. I actually found a pair during student teaching, under $50 on Amazon and I still wear them five years later. Mine are the black, but I am seriously considering the brown, but the picture shows a tan one that is cute too! OMG let’s just buy each color for each outfit? Haha oh goals, am I right? When you find something that works, are you ever tempted to just buy one in every color? Me too!

Click here for my favorite teaching boots! 

Fall Teacher boots

2. Comfy Socks

Having a sock that doesn’t come off and you have to take your boots off to fix every class period, now that is goals! I LOVE colors, and support in all the right places, but I am also a bargain shopper. I was also so incredibly fortunate that my hubs knows this about me and bought these for Christmas for me a couple of years ago! Because they are still some of my top favorites from Amazon.

Fall sock favorites #1: Innotree

#2 Fall Sock Favorites #2: Women’s Wool

P.S. I am not normally a fan of wool, as far as the texture goes, but the hubs included these in my stocking this year, and I am hooked! I love their vintage design and the fabric is not soft, but its not an annoying texture either. Which was a pleasant surprise for me! Enjoy my lovelies!

3. Underclothes that are comfy!

I know this is an intimate conversation, but this matters my teacher friends, I promise! No one wants underclothes that pinch, or move. They should stay still, not pressing into the skin, but just supporting. Let’s be real here and say sometimes when our clothes become our enemies, it is like the last straw. Let me spare you that struggle! My favorite places to get comfy underclothes are: Prana / Kyodan (I get mine at Sierra trade and its like 50% of the price) for the upstairs and Kohls for the down!

Alright enough about necessary, but slightly awkward part of our conversation today!

4. Comfortable and Affordable tops!

I am not a long sleeve wearer, some teachers are in love with their fall sweaters, but I would rather wear a hoodie, or a cute cardigan instead. I just feel suffocated in them, and while a soft texture helps, it just isn’t my jam. My favorite places to get tops are Ross, Etsy (for cute t-shirts like my fall Harry Potter one. that my teacher bestie got me) & Sierra.

5. Soft professional pants

As a person who stands almost six feet, finding professional pants that are long enough is such a challenge! I generally do a colored jean, professional fabric skinny pants, or Tall summit pants. Prana is so pricey if you don’t catch them a sale. I am so thankful that my sister gets a 50% discount with the company she works with, otherwise I would not know such comforts. Which is why the majority of my clothes come from the stores listed above or the ARC, which is a thrift store in Colorado. (I am not sure about other states).

Prana is on Amazon, but they don’ t have a tall option!

6. Cardigans

Cardigans and teachers go together like coffee and teachers. Ask most any teacher, and most of us have at least 5! and I have ordered so many on Amazon or from Sierra. (Clearly I have a preferences) Despite having ordered literally like 10-20 different ones off of Amazon, I have one favorite. It is so incredibly soft, it feels like a hug, its long, they have like 1-20 color options, and the list of positives goes on and on. I have this one in I-bat- black, a-maroon, deep pink, A turquoise is on my radar as my next color. Haha I might be that person that when they find what they like, I order like five of them!

I mean how cute is this gorgeous turquoise?


Fall teacher outfit


Well my teacher friends, what did you think of my line up for the best fall teacher outfits? Do you have favorite styles off of Amazon, or somewhere I didn’t mention? I am always open to trying new brands! Bonus if they are soft or have fun colors!

I Hope that you are having a great week my friends!



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