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by msnsela

Hey There,

My name is Misty Weatherford, and I am an Army veteran, Paleo, a full time Teacher, a loving wife, a dog & chicken mom, and an auntie of three adorable nephews. I would love to welcome you to, “The Joy Fit Teacher” an education lifestyle blog, for teachers, by a teacher! 🙂 

I live in the gorgeous state of Colorado, with my hubs of five years, our three pups, and 28 chickens!!  
The purpose of this blog: to find inspiration to live your healthiest, most positive life. My two main topics are: health and teaching. I know that teachers want to be at their very best for their students, but our lives are constantly busy (especially in COVID Teaching)! I want to help you bring your structure back. Your joy, drive and passion!
A little bit about my wellness journey so far,
After several injuries in the military, getting medically retired and going to school full time to be a teacher, I found myself at 207 pounds, unhealthy and not living my best life. So, I started eating Paleo/ Low Carb in 2018, and I am down 47 pounds. I have found my joy, that I lost!! With consistent action to eat healthy, being more active, and putting systems in place, I made my dream come true to be back at my high school weight. What is your dream? How can I help you achieve it? 
What I offer: 
– First a freebie on how to kickstart your paleo/low carb journey. Contact me for more information! 
– Second, consistent education, research, and feedback from my Healthy teaching perspective.
– Third, discounted products that I believe will bring you positive change!
What are you waiting for? Your dreams with action could easily become your plan to make your 2021 dreams your reality!
Loves and Hugs,

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