by msnsela

Hey there! My name is Misty and I am a 6th year middle and high school teacher in Colorado. I am also an Army veteran, healthy lifestyle junkie and a curriculum creator.

I love coffee, trails with my pups and traveling.  I am a fur and feather mama, and a proud wife of 9 years. I started the Joy Fit Teacher to help teachers find their joy again by not feeling like they have to create EVERYTHING for their classrooms.

The Joy Fit Teacher focuses on Social Studies and ASL Lessons through Teachers Pay Teachers. Additionally, on my website, you can find ways to approach the curriculum under the civics/gov, economics, and history tabs.

I focus heavily on building vocabulary, reading comprehension, and opportunities for hands-on learning in my lessons.

Lastly, please consider joining my email list where I not only share freebies, but I also offer advice on how to stay mentally/physically fit while teaching.



Afternoon with my hubs in Colorado





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