How to Teach Religion to Kids

by Misty Weatherford
How to Teach Religion to kids

Happy December, 

I hope you are doing well on this beautiful December day! I know that teaching religion in a public school can be scary. Because on the one hand the standard says we are supposed to, but you are afraid that you will get kickback from parents. Here’s what I say, “In a public school we are mandated to follow the state standard, and a part of that state standard is teaching how religion is historically relevant! I also add that, I am not in any way trying to change their thoughts/beliefs!”

Today, I wanted to share how I executed my lesson on comparing Buddhism and Hinduism. It went especially well, and I wanted to give you some ideas, if you are struggling to come up with this comparison. I am teaching 7th grade this year, so I wanted something a little more interactive, then I had when I taught high school World History. 

Now let’s chat about how I teach Buddhism and Hinduism! 🙂


I started with a warm up, referencing the last religion we discussed, which was Hinduism. The warm up was, “Which religion has the Caste System?” I added a picture of what that was, because when we went over Hinduism, they had that drawn in their notes. If you are in need of a time extension, you can have them repeat after you the four sections of the Caste, and or also repeat that to their neighbor. 


The next activity that I did was read the next section in their fiction books, “The Night Diary”. Which is an amazing read on Islam and Hinduism, and have them answer reading questions. The answering of the questions should both be happening while I read, as well as approximately ten minutes after. 


For the last activity, I allow them to work in pairs, or approved groups. (Sometimes my middle schoolers cannot handle groups, and pairs tend to lessen the disagreements that transpire.) While I love creating activities, and have so many, I did not have a great comparison lesson, so I purchased from: Last minute lessons from Miss H. Which I highly recommend, because not only are they practicing reading analysis, but they are also working on content vocabulary, writing and comparing. Which are such valuable skills! I am so blessed to have such creative creators at my fingertips! But I am a little biased, because I am a creator as well!

I hope this helps as you put together your lessons on Buddhism versus Hinduism, or if you are at the stage of comparing the two! 

I also created this, but we are waiting to do this chart, until they are done with the rest of the religions. 

Happy Teaching my friends, 


P.S. I also have this Buddhism lesson, if you need an extension or add. 🙂 As well as a bundle of religion lessons, with a special $3 off coupon. 

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