Camping Paleo

by Misty Weatherford

We are about to go on our first camping trip of the summer, and having been following the Paleo journey for a little while. Camping and staying Paleo is not as intimidating as it used to be! It really is super easy!

Today I want to show you, what an average day of Paleo camping meals could look like, without having to compromise your health!

Breakfast – Eggs, Protein, and if you need a carb, consider a whole food/unprocessed carb like Sweet Potatoes, beets, dates, or berries. You could do this as a plate, or add it to a bowl with other yummy veggies. The opportunities are endless.

Lunch: Stir Fry, if you didn’t use all of your veggies from lunch, consider adding them to your lunch! Or sauté new ones. I like to have plenty of veggie options, because I get very Snacky (is that a word, no, haha, well now it is!) on camping trips and unhealthy snacks can really be a downfall, when you are trying to stay healthy. Next up, your favorite meat! We love beef tips with a great stir fry, topped with Bragg’s liquid amino’s. Um can you say YUM! It tastes just like soy sauce, but its so much healthier. Another fun and protein filled add is sesame seeds! (Seeds are a Paleo junkies best friend)

Dinner: Steak, because why not? Or chicken breasts? You are camping, so everything (in my opinion) tastes better camping, or even fish if you’re near somewhere where you can fish. My hubby grills a delicious steak! We usually use Kerrygold butter, spices of your choice and Avocado or MCT oil. (The links are below) For sides, I just do a high protein veggie/ healthy unprocessed carb such as Asparagus, Broccoli, Peas, or edamame.

Snacks: Of course bring veggies, maybe some meat sticks (my favorite are listed below), Sweet potato chips, and maybe some homemade fat bombs. Which help you stay full, and get your protein/fat categories or macros met!

Below are my favorite products that I use daily in my Camping and regular kitchen! These are direct links, also called an affiliate link to Amazon. These give me a small percent of the sale and I get to continue to help you stay healthy! A win win for both of us! 🙂

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Loves and Hugs,


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