Post Thanksgiving Cleanse

by Misty Weatherford
Post Thanksgiving Cleans

Hey Teacher friends, 

Are you feeling the bleh feels after Thanksgiving? Me too, I ate way too much, but both the strawberry cheesecake and the homemade cinnamon rolls were calling my name. While I am not allergic to gluten, I normally eat gluten free. So when I do eat it, I feel it way more than normal.

So what now? Now I am working to reset my body, and get back into my teaching groove before Christmas break. Which I have successfully done the past few years, and I want to share with you what I normally do. My hope is that it will help you, like it has helped me.

Also, focusing on your fitness or health goals, will you help you focus on more than the last few weeks before Christmas break. Which we all know the last few weeks drag!

Step 1: Set a goal

An example here would be to lose 2 inches by Christmas, and lose 10 pounds. Be specific with your goals. This is important so that you can truly accomplish them, and know when you have met your goal. I would love to encourage you to have none scale and measuring tape goals as well. So on top of this, a goal of mine might be to do 5 pushups or 15 correct form dips.

You might be asking yourself what do I know? Well in 2019 I lost 47 pounds, and the way that I did it, was through little goals like this.

Step 2: Track your meals

I personally use my fitness pal, they have a free and a paid version, but I feel like I get everything I need with the free version. The one thing to note here is that having a food scale is extremely helpful in accurately tracking your intake. This is the one that I have, and I love it! (I have had it since 2019 and it still works great) It is the best 15$ I have ever spent!

Step 3: Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is Amazing, and the benefits are endless! I actually do this with my students, I have several favorite youtubers who record little five minute ones, and I actually input it into my slides, so that I don’t forget. And once I set up my expectations with the kids the first time, they love when we take time and do this. This applies to both middle and high school.

Also consider some aromatherapy through a diffuser. Not only is breathing in essential oils healthy for you, but smell therapy has been around for years. Think back to the last good smelling candle you smelled. Where did it take you? The last one I smelled was at Thanksgiving and honestly it smelled like the holidays.

I LOVE this diffuser: (Which currently has a 5% coupon attached to it!)

Plus it is so gorgeous to look at, but if this one isn’t your jam! Find one that is beautiful to you, because if it appeals to you, you’re more likely to want to diffuse and meditate! If you have never meditated before, I would recommend a quiet room, and setting an intention before you even get started. Like, my intention for my meditation today is relaxation and pain relief. I have chronic pain from injuries when I was in the Army. Diffusing helps relax my tension, change my mindset and breathe. Because no matter what life throws your way, your breath will always be there for you! (This was something that resonated with me from a recent yoga class!)

Don’t forget: You can diffuse in the classroom! (Huge bonus!!)

Well my friends, I hope that you found this post to be informative, and helpful!

Have a great day!



P.S. The links within this post are affiliate links, which just means that I get a small percentage of the sale. Which allows me to keep putting out helpful content! Happy Teaching my friends!

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