Teaching Women’s Suffrage

by Misty Weatherford

Women reached the 100 year mark, that we have been able to vote, just like our male counterparts. I was so lucky to run across an advertisement for a free storyboard for my classroom.  It is a beautiful story board that shows the progress women have made, and what that journey looked like! It is amazing, and I cannot wait to relate it to my first economics lesson in January. 

I don’t believe they have any more, but you can get pdf copies to laminate here.

When I taught the constitution this year, I printed copies to use in class and taught it very hands on. You can get copies of my read/responds here.

My only regret is that I didn’t have time to delve into the 19th amendment more. Honestly with COVID our curriculum maps were cut very short, and I had to pick and choose. 

If I were to do things differently, I would have talked about the women who led the women’s suffrage movement, key events like Seneca Falls and the continued gap between equality of men and women!

Because of these regrets, I will be combining this chat about women’s suffrage, and the inequality that still exists in 2020 for my economics lessons starting in January. 

But I would love to share how I will accomplish this effectively. 🙂 

This may look different for your classroom, depending on if you are fully online or fully in the classroom, but I am hybrid, so I see the kids 2x a week in person. 

  • 1st: I want to have students walk through the classroom looking for clues, that link to a half sheet of paper that they will be given upon a very welcome entry.
  • 2nd: we will talk about the timeline, I may have them read pieces of the storyboard and talk about why did it take this long. I don’t know about your kids, but mine have some insanely great discussions!
  • 3rd: We will look at some political cartoons, through a gallery walk, from documents that I got from here.
  • 4th: The students and I will read an excerpt from the University of Chicago press on the economics of women’s suffrage.
  • 5th: I will have them write an analysis on what they think economics has to do with based on our chats throughout the day.

I want to guide them to the summary that economics is truly about the choices that we make and how on both a small and large scale, how the world handles the impact of these decisions. 

What are your thoughts? How have you approached this previously? Thank you for your insight!

Love you,


Misty (The Joy Fit Teacher)

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