The 5 Best Shoes for Teaching

by Misty Weatherford

We all know that shoes can make or break a day in teaching. They are our foundation. They are either comfortable or not, there is no middle ground, when you are on your feet all day long. The challenge that I have found, is professional and comfy, but I promise they exist and are affordable.

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At the very beginning of students teaching, I discovered that nothing I owned would fit the bill for being on my feet all day long. So I turned to crocs, but would you be surprised to know they aren’t as ugly as they used to be?

1. Croc Flats:

I found croc professional flats and fell in absolute love. They are lightweight, cheap, fairly similar to a regular flat and comfy. Here are the ones that I own:

2. Bobs:

Bobs have a TOMS feel, but they are generally a bit cheaper. They are relaxed, comfortable, soft fabric and they offer me enough support, that my feet don’t hurt by the end of the day. So if you want a little less dressy, but still matching your slacks, these are your shoe!

3. Sketchers:

Most of us know sketchers for their comfortable tennis shoes, but they also have a flat that is just like a tennis shoe (Comfort wise), and can easily be pulled off with a pair of slacks. and they are just as comfortable.

4. Clarks

These next shoes are known for their comfort, but are pegged the “grandma shoe”. But these shoes are amazing!! They look like sandals, are flat, and have a bouncy light comfort to them! I discovered these last year and they are divine!! Definitely my go to on days like, parent teacher conferences.

5. Earth Origins

This will be my last top shoe that I have found so far in teaching. This one is similar to clarks, in fact when you search either, the other comes up. It also has a bouncy comfort, its smooth non itchy or blister type fabric and oh my gosh so comfortable. For me, this one is my, “I need comfort, I am not feeling it” shoe. We all know what that day feels like! This is the shoe for that day!

I hope you find a couple of “go to’s” from this list. A pair of good comfy shoes is incredibly vital to teaching and enjoying each day! Trust me 🙂

I love you all dearly!



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