I am one day “sugar” sober..

by Misty Weatherford

Anyone out there really struggling to eat healthy, now that most of our jobs have made us homebodies? Me too! I am up by too many pounds to feel comfy sharing here haha!

I feel like I should get a day one chip, for eating healthy. LOL! Maybe that is actually a thing? probably not, but after losing 47 pounds in my healthy journey, I know that getting back on the wagon just takes one day of consistency. Then one day turns into two, three and then so many more. So I am officially day one my friends.

I started my day with some yellow squash, and then I made Paleo matcha chocolate chip mini pancakes for today and tomorrow, and I included MCT powder, almond flour and flax/chia/hemp seeds to my meat for tacos.

I am so not perfect, and neither are you, but getting into a rhythm changes everything. Consistency truly does count and I believe in you!

Happy Monday!



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