Teaching During Covid-19 Crisis

by Misty Weatherford

Are you a teacher teaching through this mess? Me too! You are not alone! Man is this interesting right? I miss my kids and the face to face interaction with them. I worry about them, when I haven’t heard from them and feel blah, because my routine has changed so much!

So how do you find your new normal? Well just like when the year begins, consistency creates change. You will see it on here for how I lost weight and I am going to stick with it, even now, when talking about teaching.

I started waking up with my husband, who is an essential employee, and have stuck with a 0630 wake up. It is definitely not the same as my normal 5 am wake ups, but it is something I have stuck to, for normalcy. Another? I shower before 8, every day.

I am telling you friends, pick 2-3 things to be consistent about every day and it will change your life, in these weird times! let me know what you have done in a comment below! Have a great day!

Love ya,


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